Tribute to Wally, Honored Member of the Greatest Generation



In Memory of Wally,

Honored Member of the Greatest Generation

(August 7, 1923-February 28, 2014)

A poem by Margie/wife of 67 years

Orphaned at age seven,

He was reared by a loving aunt,

And a resentful uncle, who didn’t want him.

Yet, he made the best of his plight,

Ever grateful to have a home.

He didn’t know bitterness,

nor complain of his lot in life.

I wonder how he could be stoic.

He said, “Make the most of what you have,

Don’t fret about what you can’t change.”

As he grew up, he spent most of his time outdoors.

He loved wildlife, hunting and fishing.

He loved to swim in the lakes and ponds.

He loved sports, and doing most things that boys do.

He answered  his country’s call during World War II,

Becoming an Air Force pilot, a hero in the eyes of many.

After the war, he married, doting on his wife and children,

Giving them the family love he had missed.

He was loved by all who knew him,

Unassuming, kind, generous;

A peacemaker in God’s Earthly Kingdom.